Photo Collection

Hi, kids!  Welcome to the Nina Hagen Photo Archive.  Here are a few things of note:

  • Newer photos are at the top of each gallery (I haven’t added any in years, though).
  • Click the Slideshow button for…well, a slideshow. 🙂
  • Feel free to leave comments on a photo or a gallery.

Click to view the galleries!

Copyright notice:  The photos on these pages are copyrighted material and may not be used for commercial publication without permission from the photographers.  Also, many of these photos have been sent to me by various fans without permission from the photographer, but I have included photo credits in the captions when available.  If your photo appears on this site and you would like it removed, please let me know.  Thanks!

4 comments on “Photo Collection

  1. Ik heb laatst onlangs de film cha cha met Herman Brood en Nina Hagen gezien. Toen de film verscheen stond ik onder zeer negatieve invloed van de hulpverlening. Ik heb nu nog steeds mijn recht niet maar mijn bewuxtzijn is weer helder te noemen.


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