2 comments on “Nina Hagen Has Her Say

  1. Thank you for these wonderful words about my site! I didn’t get a reply from you, and I thought you didn’t like it. Now I see it’s all right. Thank you very much once more ^_^


  2. Thanks for the Memories, I was at the Show on the Mall in DC with the specific reason to see Nina! Man was I bummed. But at least to see here when she played in Georgetown. The concert would have been epic if she had been there, as is, it was a decent line up and seeing Lene Lovich for the first time (but had liked her work for years) was bonus. It was also a reuniting of the B-52’s who had been away for a number of years. Wish I could find the enitre lineup, but what you mention is the same as far as my memory can go that day.


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