2 comments on “Nina’s new album hits Amazon.de for pre-order today!

  1. Not Original Projekt!!!! Not original tittle track & cover album… Here, all is Usual… She’s not Nina Hagen…
    We want a new album, without cover tracks….but inedit unreleased songs.


  2. I got my copy of the new album yesterday. The songs are well chosen, the arrangements are excellent, Nina is matched with songs that fit her latter day vocal range… quite simply it all works out quite well and it is very entertaining.
    However, this is a gospel album by Nina Hagen…
    …and I hate the feeling that we/I/you are again being drawn into one of Nina’s latest enthusiams… not unlike that “Baba-gee-I’m-a-Hindu” misadventure that went on far too long. Add to that Nina is now marking time with Christians, and with Nina’s large gay fan base… how does that all work out?
    So as far as this new CD goes I would say “Just skip it!” Don’t endorse Nina’s hypocrisy and crazed spiritual quest. It’s pointless.


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