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Here’s a ton of singles, remixes, rarities, and guest appearances for your listening pleasure.  Bootleg recordings of entire shows are found here as well, just click a folder and play the tracks! Please note that the older live shows were not professionally recorded–I transferred them from tape and cleaned them up the best I can, but the audio quality on the older shows varies quite a bit.  Most of the newer shows, however, were recorded straight from the soundboard.



Live Bootleg Descriptions

Listed from oldest to newest

Bremen (with Herman Brood) – Jun 13, 1979

France – 1980 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Seattle – 1982 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Detroit (Clutch Cargo’s) – Jul 31, 1982

Berlin (Waldbuehne) – Sep 3, 1983

Stockholm – Feb 22, 1984 / Audio quality: *****
With the No Problem Orchestra.  Thanks to Dennis Miller for sending this on CD.

Kopenhagen – Feb 25, 1984 / Audio quality: *****
With the No Problem Orchestra.  Thanks to Dennis Miller for sending this on CD.

Berlin – Jun 14, 1985 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Randy for this recording.

Lyon, France – 1986

Detroit (St Andrews Hall) – Jul 25, 1987

Boston – Jul 16, 1988 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Jim for this recording.

Minneapolis – Jul 25, 1988

Hollywood (Key Club) – Jul 17, 1998 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Tim for this recording (on DAT!).

Los Angeles (KCRW webcast) – Jul, 20, 1998

Europe (Ninamania) – 1991

Montreal – 1994

NYC (Limelight) – Aug 10, 1994

Bonn (Rockpalast) – Aug 28, 1999

San Diego – Aug 14, 2002

Santa Ana – Aug 16, 2002 / Audio quality: *****
Recorded by yours truly – best birthday present ever!

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Aug 18, 2002 / Audio quality: *****

Hollywood (House of Blues) – Aug 20, 2002

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Jan 7, 2003

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Jan 8, 2003

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Feb 22, 2004 / Audio quality: *****

Burghausen – Apr 28, 2004
Jazz Oder Nie!  Performed with Leipzig Big Band.

Vancouver BC (Commodore Ballroom) – Jan 14, 2005 / Audio quality: *****
Thanks to Lemon Pledge for this recording.

San Francisco (DNA Lounge) – Feb 9, 2005 / Audio quality: *****

17 comments on “Jukebox

  1. nina hagen is the best,total new albun volksbeat.congratuletions nina hagen……………..y an kiara varcelona y madrid.recording?one kiss for youuuuuuuuuuuuu,forever………….


  2. nina, oh so nina. eu sou um gato malhado na sua bigorna. bebo desde pequeno . a prime4ira vez q lhe ouvi8 o u7niverso fez algum sentido


  3. Amazing shrine to a most dissevering artist. Thank you for the jukebox and letting some of us older punks relive the treasured moments of seeing Nina live. Cheers


  4. Halo, Nina & Zarah!
    Hope each of you,re
    well, over 21 years i
    searched, it was only
    when i was required
    to stwp back, to view
    all the stuff i gave to
    the world, that there’s
    a peace. A very urge
    to create is still with
    me, been a flurry of a
    production the past 20.

    God will


    • the time is now, as Nina
      informed us all. And then
      Fear not. Do not fear to be busy.
      You are the servant of all. “He that
      would be the greatest among you, let
      him be the servant of all.”

      Service is the word of My disciples. I served
      indeed, the humblest, the lowliest. I was at their
      command. My highest powers were at their service.

      Be used. Be used by all, by the lowest, the smallest. How
      best you can serve? Let that be your daily seeking, not how
      best can you be served.

      Look around you. Do the aims and ambitions that man strives for
      bring peace, or the world’s awards bring heart-rest and happiness?
      No! indeed, man is at war with man. Those whom the world has most
      rewarded, with name, fame, honor, wealth, are weary and disappointed.
      And yet, to the listening ear, above the jangle of the world’s discordant cries,
      there echoes down the 1900 years My message, “Come unto Me, all weary and
      heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

      And the weary and disappointed who listen and turn to Me find indeed that rest. Joy of
      the Weary I am, Music to the Heart I am, Health to the Sick, Wealth to the Poor, Food to the
      Hungry, Home to the Wanderer, Rapture to the Jaded, Love to the Lonely.

      There is not one want of the soul that I do not supply for the asking, and to you too, I long to be all.

      Therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you. – Isaiah 30:18


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